DCHA 2022 Resident Commissioner Elections

FEBRUARY 21 & 22, 2022


The 2021 DCHA Resident Commissioner elections were delayed due to COVID-19. While it has always been important to ensure elections are fair, transparent, and accessible, DCHA and Resident Participation Services PLLC (“RPS”) have been working to include safety precautions as an important criteria in the election process. Now that vaccines are widely available and the D.C. Government has lifted capacity limits and restrictions, the Resident Commissioner Elections have now been rescheduled to take place on February 21 and 22.


The DCHA Board of Commissioners is the governing body of the Housing Authority. All Resident Commissioners serve a three-year term of office. Three of the Commissioners are DCHA residents elected by the DCHA resident community:

– Senior/Disabled Commissioner (represents senior /people with disabilities properties)
– Family Commissioner (represents family properties)
– At-Large Commissioner (represents all DCHA properties)

All DCHA residents may run for Resident Commissioner if they meet eligibility requirements discussed in this manual. We recommend that residents read the Board of Commissioners Bylaws and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations (24 CFR Part 964) for a full understanding of how the Board operates. 

Below is a summary of the information contained in the Board of Commissioners Bylaws, 24 CFR 964, and DCHA Resolution 01-08, which details the procedures for the election of residents to the DCHA Board of Commissioners.


In summary, the Board has the authority and duty to govern DCHA, including:

– to make and implement rules, bylaws, and policies and regulations necessary or appropriate for the effective administration of DCHA;
– to make rules and procedures for the election of Commissioners;
– to evaluate the Executive Director’s job performance;
– to review and approve contracts for goods and services over $250,000;
– to ensure that residents receive quality housing and services.


Each Resident Commissioner receives a stipend of $3,000 per year for their service on the Board. Each Commissioner is also reimbursed for actual travel and other expenses reasonably related to their official duties.


A resident who wants to be a candidate for Commissioner must:

– be a public housing resident in DCHA; 
– be directly assisted by a public housing agency;
– be named on the lease; 
– be 18 years of age or older;
– be in full compliance with the lease and have no rental payment delinquency; 
– not have past due taxes, special assessments, or other charges owed to D.C.;
– not (a) have any financial interest in any business entity that is directly or indirectly involved in any transaction with DCHA, (b) – have any financial interest in any contract to which DCHA is a party, or (c) be employed by or be offered employment by a person or business entity which is a party or prospective party with DCHA. This prohibition also applies to the family of the candidate; and
– not hold a position on any other District [government] board or commission, except as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

DCHA Resolution 01-08 states that Resident Commissioners must demonstrate knowledge or competence in one of the following:

-knowledge of or competence in, corporate governance; 

-public housing law and regulations; 
– real estate and construction issues; 
– public housing development, operations and management; 
– subsidized or non-profit housing production and development;
– multi-family housing development or management; 
– business finance and investment; 
– community-based redevelopment policies or activities; 
– public management or administration; 
– personnel or procurement administration; 
– municipal finance or law; or philanthropy and social services.

Residents may not run for more than one of the Commissioner positions.
– Senior/Disabled commissioner candidates must live in a senior/disabled property.
– Family commissioner candidates must live in a family property.
– At-Large commissioner candidates may live in any DCHA property.

All candidates will be informed of their eligibility by January 19, 2022.

Each winning candidate for Commissioner shall file an affidavit of financial disclosure within 30 days of their election and again every year of their term. Candidates may be disqualified for failing to make their financial disclosures.


For DCHA residents who want to attend an in-person informational meeting, a citywide meeting is scheduled to take place at Sibley Plaza, 1140 North Capitol St, NW at 6 p.m. on Friday, December 17, 2021.

For residents who would prefer to attend a virtual informational meeting to learn more about the election, how to run, or working as a polling site monitor, the following meetings have been scheduled for each property.


Benning TerraceFriday, December 17, 10:30a
Carroll ApartmentsMonday, December 13, 10a
Claridge TowersFriday, December 17, 11a
Colorado ApartmentsWednesday, December 15, 2p
Columbia RoadThursday, December 16, 6p
Elvans RoadThursday, December 16, 6p
Fort Dupont / Stoddert TerraceWednesday, December 15, 4p
Fort LincolnTuesday, December 14, 10a
Garfield FamilyFriday, December 17, 12p
Garfield SeniorTuesday, December 14, 2p
Greenleaf Gardens Ext/AdditionsThursday, December 16, 5p
Greenleaf MidriseThursday, December 16, 4p
Greenleaf SeniorThursday, December 16, 3p
Harvard Towers: Thursday, December 16, 12p
Highland AdditionsWednesday, December 15, 4p
Highland DwellingsWednesday, December 15, 6p
Hopkins AptsMonday, December 13, 6p
Horizon HouseMonday, December 13, 11a
James ApartmentsMonday, December 13, 12p
James CreekTuesday, December 14, 5p
Judiciary HouseThursday, December 16, 10a
Kelly MillerWednesday, December 15, 2p
Kenilworth CourtsFriday, December 17, 3p
Kentucky CourtsThursday, December 16, 2p
Knox HillWednesday, December 15, 10a
Langston Dwellings & AdditionsWednesday, December 15, 6p
Ledroit ApartmentsFriday, December 17, 1p
Lincoln HeightsTuesday, December 14, 6p
Lincoln RoadMonday, December 13, 6p
Montana TerraceTuesday, December 14, 12p
Ontario RdThursday, December 16, 11a
Park MortonWednesday, December 15, 5p
Potomac Gardens FamilyMonday, December 13, 5p
Potomac Gardens Sr.Friday, December 17, 11a
Regency HouseFriday, December 17, 2p
Richardson DwellingsFriday, December 17, 4p
Sibley PlazaFriday, December 17, 6p
Sibley Townhomes/Sursum CordaMonday, December 13, 3p
Syphax GardensTuesday, December 14, 4p
The VillagerTuesday, December 14, 6p
Woodland TerraceTuesday, December 14, 3:30p

RPS will distribute hard copies of the Policies and Procedures Manual, Candidate Application Packets, and Polling Site Monitor Applications at the citywide informational meeting. 

Property managers will also have hard copies for interested residents. 

The Policies and Procedures Manual and the applications are also available for download on the RPS website: https://www.residentparticipation.com/downloads/ .

Residents who cannot attend the citywide meeting or have difficulty with technology and cannot attend any of the virtual meetings, may call RPS at 202-596-2675 and leave a message asking for us to review the policies and procedures over the phone.


Any resident who wishes to run for a Commissioner seat must follow the following steps, in order:

1. Have your property manager fill out the Property Manager Eligibility Verification form. The property manager must verify that the applicant is eligible to be a candidate for Commissioner. If your property manager states that you are not eligible, you cannot run for Commissioner. 

2. Complete the entire Candidate Application and submit it to RPS. Completed applications must be RECEIVED by RPS no later than 5:00pm on January 14, 2022. Applications can be submitted by mail, fax, online form, or email. Click here to fill out the candidate application packet.

3. All candidates must fulfill the nomination petition requirements. Candidate applicants must get signatures on the official petitions provided by RPS and found on the RPS website. Signatures that are not provided on the official petition will not be considered. All signature petitions must be accompanied by a Signature Gatherer Affidavit completed by the individual who gathered the signatures.
– Senior/Disabled property candidates must gather at least 200 signatures. No more than 40 signatures can come from any one property.
– Family property candidates must gather at least 200 signatures. No more than 40 signatures can come from any one property.
– At-large must gather at least 300 signatures. No more than 60 signatures can come from any one property.

Nominating petitions will be reviewed and verified to ensure these requirements have been met.

4. Once successfully completed, the nominations process qualifies candidates to attend the Candidate Training, officially begin campaigning, appear on the ballot, and participate in the Candidate Forum. 

Candidates who campaign before attending the training risk being disqualified for violating election policies and procedures.


The Candidate Training will be held on January 21, 2022 at 6:00PM at the Sibley Plaza Community Room, 1140 North Capitol Street NW, Washington, DC 20003. 

Attendees will receive training on the timetable for important dates, campaign etiquette, and election procedures. Candidates will also have the opportunity to have their photos taken for the official candidate booklet. The ITPM will also draw the candidate’s ballot order at this meeting. RPS will certify candidates who attend the candidate training. Once certified, candidates will be included on the ballot.


Start of Campaign. Immediately after the Candidate Training, the campaign begins.

Committees. Candidates are allowed to receive help from friends or form a committee to help get the word out during their candidacy. Candidates should remain cautious at all times of their actions and those of their supporters. Any damage to the property of another may result in disqualification of the candidate at any time prior to, during or after the election.

Inclusion. Candidates should be sensitive to the fact that people from a variety of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds and abilities reside in public housing and that all residents have the opportunity to participate fully in the election process. Candidates should campaign in a professional and positive manner, avoiding disparaging or negative comments against other candidates.

Disqualification. Any candidate who is found to violate any rule of this election process, including but not limited to the following activities or omissions will be disqualified from the election. Disqualification can occur at any time, including after the election on the basis of: 

– Submitting false statements to the ITPM regarding the election;
– Bribery, cheating, or stuffing the ballot box;
– Encouraging ineligible persons to vote or sign a nominating petition;
– Defacing or destroying posters or campaign literature of other candidates;
– Using resident council restricted funds for campaign purposes;
– Threatening or interfering with voters ability to vote; 
– Missing deadlines for candidate applications or financial disclosures; or
– Engaging in dishonesty with regard to the election, including filing grievances for the purpose of gaining an electoral advantage or submitting false or fraudulent materials to the ITPM.


A Candidate Forum will be held on February 18, 2022 at 5:30pm at Sibley Plaza. The Candidate Forum will be held to provide residents the opportunity to meet candidates and learn about candidates’ campaigns and hear from those who are running for office. Candidates are encouraged to participate fully in this event as it will provide candidates with the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the other candidates.


RPS will pay PSMs $15.20 per hour to work on each Election Day and for the PSM Training. PSM Applications can be completed by clicking on this link and will be provided at informational meetings and at: https://www.residentparticipation.com/downloads. Those interested in working as a PSMs must fax, mail, or email their applications to RPS, or complete the online form. PSMs are required to fill out tax paperwork in order to be paid. Taxes will be withheld from PSM paychecks. Payments will be mailed to PSMs within two weeks after the last Election Day.

Candidates for Commissioner and their family members CANNOT work as Polling Site Monitors.


Any resident who is eligible to vote but needs translation, ASL assistance, or is unable to get to the polling site on their Election Day due to any documented health/disability reason will be given a special accommodation upon advance request to the ITPM.  If you or any other residents you know need special accommodations, please inform the ITPM no later than February 14, 2022.  ITPM staff will visit residents who have properly requested for special accommodations before the polls open on Election Day and allow them to vote in their presence. 


In order to be eligible to vote residents must have a valid ID, be at least 18 years old, and on the lease. 


The Board of Commissioners Election will be held at designated polling sites on February 21st and 22nd. Polling sites will be open to voters each Election Day between 1:00PM to 7:00PM.

All voters must go to their designated polling site to receive an official ballot, unless the voter has requested a reasonable accommodation.

A resident may vote only once.

Residents may vote for two candidates; one at-large candidate and one candidate of their specific property type.

There are no absentee ballots. 

Candidates and their supporters MUST NOT campaign or loiter inside the voting area or within 20 feet of the entrance of the voting area. Candidates and their supporters must not harass, threaten, coerce, prevent or otherwise interfere with voters’ right to vote for the candidate of their choice. Candidates who do not comply with this requirement risk being disqualified on Election Day. 

RPS will employ Polling Site Monitors (“PSMs”) at each polling site to oversee and monitor the election process.


Family properties are followed by an (“F”). 

Senior/Disabled properties are followed by (“S”)

FEBRUARY 21, 2022

Claridge Towers: 1221 M Street NW – community roomS
Colorado Apartments5336 Colorado Ave NW – community roomS
Columbia Road1475 Columbia Road NW – community roomF
Fort Lincoln3400 Banneker Drive NES
Garfield Family2301 11th Street NW – 9th floor community room F
Garfield Senior2301 11th Street NW – 9th floor community roomS
Harvard Towers1845 Harvard Street NW – recreation roomS
Horizon House1150 12th Street NW – community roomS
James Apartments1425 N Street NW – community roomS
Judiciary House461 H Street NW – lower level community roomS
Kelly Miller238 W St. NW – community roomF
Langston Dwellings & Additions667 24th St NE – community roomF
Ledroit Apartments2125 4th St NW – community roomS
Lincoln Road11 R Street NE – lower level – resident council officeF
Montana Terrace1625 Montana Avenue NE – recreation centerF
Ontario Rd2422 Ontario Rd NWF
Park Morton620 Morton Street NW #11F
Regency House5201 Connecticut Avenue NW – community roomS
Sibley Plaza1140 North Capitol Street NW – community roomS
Sibley Townhomes / Sursum Corda49 K Street NW – Resident Council OfficeF

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Benning Terrace4450 G Street SE – community roomS
Carroll Apartments410 M Street SE – community roomF
Elvans Road2444 1/2 Elvans Road SE – community centerF
Fort Dupont / Stoddert Terrace155 Ridge Road SEF
Greenleaf Gardens Ext/Additions205 L St SW – Res Council officeF
Greenleaf Midrise203 N Street SW – Family Enhancement CenterF
Greenleaf Senior1200 Delaware Avenue SW – Recreation RoomS
Highland Additions916 Wahler Street SE – Community RoomF
Highland Dwellings662 Atlantic St SE – Resident Council OfficeF
Hopkins Apts1430 L St SE – community room (rear of building)F
James Creek100 N Street SW – resident council officeF
Kenilworth Courts4500 Quarles St NE – Resident Council officeF
Kentucky Courts1336 D Street SE – community roomS
Knox Hill2700 Jasper Street SE – community roomS
Lincoln Heights400 50th Street NE – enhancement centerF
Potomac Gardens Family700 12th Street SE – recreation centerF
Potomac Gardens Sr.1229 G Street SE – community roomS
Richardson Dwellings5319 1/2 Dix St. NE – Osay community roomF
Syphax Gardens1501 Half Street SW #21 – Resident Council officeF
The Villager3810 Southern Avenue SE – community roomF
Woodland Terrace2310 Ainger Place SE – community roomF


After the polling sites close on each Election Day (February 21st and 22nd), the ballot boxes will be locked for transportation to a secure location. 

On February 22nd at 8:00pm in the DCHA boardroom, a preliminary ballot count will be tabulated by RPS. All DCHA residents are invited to witness the preliminary count.

Preliminary election results will be posted on the DCHA and RPS websites on February 23rd.

After the preliminary election results are posted, RPS will add valid provisional ballots to the vote count if those provisional ballots could change an election outcome.

Preliminary election results also may change due to any grievances filed that could affect an election outcome.

The official election results will be posted in the meeting areas (community room, Resident Council office, or recreation center) and at property management offices at each property by March 8, 2022.

The newly elected Resident Commissioners for 2022 will be contacted by the DCHA Board and staff to schedule a swearing in ceremony.


A resident or candidate may make a written grievance at any time during the election process, but no later than 5 calendar days after the election in which the grievant voted.

Grievances must be made in writing.

Grievance Content and Deadline. The grievant must fax, mail, hand-deliver or email a formal letter of protest to RPS no later than 3 business days after the election. The letter must describe violations of election procedures and must include all evidence of the violations.

ITPM Response. RPS will issue a written response to a grievance within 3 business days of receiving a grievance. If a grievance requires significant investigation, RPS may extend its response time.

Request for Reconsideration. If the grievant is dissatisfied with RPS’s response and has additional evidence to support their grievance, the grievant may submit a request for reconsideration to RPS. The request for reconsideration must be received by RPS within 2 calendar days of the date of RPS’s response to the original grievance. RPS will review the original grievance and response to make a final decision within 3 calendar days. RPS’s ruling on the request for reconsideration is final.


December 13 – December 17Virtual informational meetings for voters, interested candidates, and polling site monitors will be held at every property. 
December 17 @ 6pCity-Wide Informational Meeting at Sibley Plaza community room
January 14 @ 5pCommissioner Applications deadline 
January 19 (on or before)ITPM will inform candidate applicants of their eligibility and/or ineligibility
January 21 @ 6pMandatory Candidate Training at Sibley Plaza (review campaign rules & regs, take pictures of candidates for flyers, draw for ballot order, etc.)
February 15 @ 6p-8pPolling Site Monitor Training at Sibley Plaza 
February 18 @ 5:30pCandidate Forum at Sibley Plaza community room
February 21 @ 1p-7pElection Day (See Election Day Schedule)
February 22 @ 1p-7pElection Day (See Election Day Schedule)
February 22 @ 8pPreliminary ballots count at DCHA Headquarters, 1133 North Capitol St. 2nd Fl. Boardroom
February 23 @ 5pPreliminary Results posted online
February 24 @ 5pDeadline for complaints from election Day 1
February 25 @ 5pDeadline for complaints from election Day 2
March 8 @ 5pCertified Election Results will be posted 

Additional information will be posted online at www.ResidentParticipation.com, as it becomes available. 

Questions may be emailed to Info@ResidentParticipation.com or you may call and leave a voice message at 202-596-2675.  Calls will be returned as soon as possible

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