DCHA Establishes Partnership with Black Girl Health

The District of Columbia Housing Authority entered into a partnership with Black Girl Health, a nationally known organization that works with companies, government entities and more to integrate strategic health programming in rural and urban communities, to offer physical and mental health wellness workshops on September 10.

Black Girl Health (BGH) will take over DCHA’s Facebook and YouTube accounts to stream three workshops focusing on managing anxiety and depression, nutrition for mental wellness, and healing yoga practices. This is the third health partnership DCHA has enacted using CARES Act funding.

“As our customers in DCHA communities and throughout the District are practicing social distancing, staying inside, and following the rules of the mayor’s state of emergency, we thought it is of utmost importance to utilize technology to offer support of mental and physical wellness programing during this time,” said DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett. “I encourage all of our families and individual customers—and District residents—to tune in on September 10 to learn how to deal with today’s stressors.”

BGH is an 8a certified woman-owned digital outreach and marketing company that helps improve the health of people of color and reduce health disparities in communities with the highest health risks. BGH focuses its efforts by helping people make informed decisions about their health through its membership and partnering with other companies/organizations to do digital awareness campaigns and virtual and in-person events.

On September 10 beginning at 11 a.m., the video production for the virtual event will connect presenters from their current locations to present the mental health-related workshops that are between 45 minutes to an hour long. Ava Adames, a certified Reiki Master, as well as a yoga and pilates instructor, will lead Yoga for Mental Strength. Dr. Lauren Simmons, a certified health coach, will teach Nourish Your Mind. Khetnu Nefer, a certified holistic health practitioner, will finish with Natural Healing.

“The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the black community, which has shed light on the importance of holistic health. The partnership with DCHA and BGH is aimed to empower people of color with knowledge and resources to help them take control of their mental health, ” said Black Girl Health Founder Porcha Johnson.

Previously, the agency established partnerships with UMC and the George Washington School of Nursing, as well as Howard University College of Medicine. These partnerships are in addition to the enhanced health and safety protocols already being instituted throughout DCHA’s portfolio.

Last Modified: 09/03/2020 3:28 pm