DCHA Poster Contest Winners Announced

Youth from the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s communities recently had the opportunity to showcase their creativity in the agency’s Poster Contest.

The contest challenged all artists in grades K through 12 to create a 22-inch by 28-inch masterpiece with a brief explanation of why their artwork shows what home means to them.

DCHA is proud to feature the seven winning drawings below. Each winner was presented with a gift card for their great work.

Devin Muschette (12th Grade Student)

Home is where the heart is. Home is where the people who care and love you for who you are no matter what. Home is safety whenever you need to be in a safe place. Home is where you gain strength. Home is your support. Home is where you learn the definition of unity and peace. Home is your comfort space and your protection. Home is where the love is.

Joshua-Tyler McClane  (12th Grade Student)

What is home? Home is with my brother. It is someone you can confide in with confidence. Where I can speak my mind and know that the person I’m talking to will support me. My picture is of me in a quilt. That quilt represents the love my brother smothers me with. I say that because knowing he is there soothes my soul. To me home was never a place, but a person. The “H” on the quilt stands for hope; a Hope that this amazing boy will continue to stay and support me through life.

Michael McClane (10th Grade Student)

Home is a place where you feel safe and secure. A place where you experience emotional warmth, comfort, and feel yourself surrounded by love and affection. A place where there are no constraints on your development. Where you don’t have to constantly fight for your own rights. A place where justice, democracy, and equality are all included. A place where you feel like you belong. A place with no fighting and peace, this is what home means to me.

Tyler Link (8th Grade Student)

My home is my sanctuary. My Heaven to Earth. A place where I can get away from all my troubles, trials, and errors. Where I can just be me, chillin’ and grillin’. My home is where my heart is.

Dominique Hackett (7th Grade Student)

Home is a safe place where I can live, have fun, and be with my family. Home is where I study, eat, sleep, go outside, watch tv, play my video games, pray, and be myself.

Onia Gross (7th Grade Student)

For some people, home is an actual house or apartment with all their things, but that’s not true for others. Home can be wherever and whatever you want it to be. Home is where you’re safe and happy. My poster shows the vast difference of the meaning of home. Some people live on boats, on the road, on mountains, on hills, all over the world. Some people feel at home when they are surrounded by the people they care about. For me, home means being around my family and friends, where we can all enjoy ourselves.

Blessing Davis  (4th Grade Student)

My family is loving because they always give me birthday gifts. My family is happy because even if someone get on their nerves, they always smile. My family is funny. When they crack a joke, I laugh (I even laugh at my dog!). My family is beautiful because they’re black (BLACK POWER!). My family is caring. When I need help they’re always there to help me.

Last Modified: 11/18/2020 3:31 pm