DCHA STEM Youth Receive pi-top Coding Computers

District of Columbia Housing Authority is proud to continue its partnership with the Cisco Networking Academy which provided a generous technology donation for our youth. This month, young people participating in the DCHA STEM program received pi-top coding computers to encourage their education in science, technology, and electronics.

DCHA staff at the EnVision Center guided students through a socially-distanced tutorial to help manually assemble their computers. Once assembled, the computers have programs for coding, writing music, and separate applications that teach them how to code for gaming, for example. In addition, each computer came with an Inventor’s Kit, allowing the youth to develop robotics or science projects that complete simple functions, such as getting lights to turn on.

For more information on DCHA’s STEM program, contact Marcus Manning at orsyouth@dchousing.org or call 202-914-6334 to enroll.

Last Modified: 01/28/2021 8:54 pm