DCHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program’s Homeownership Pathway


After renting for years, Reaves said she wanted to invest in her future. She said she was tired of throwing away her money on rent when she could own something of her own. She entered DCHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency program with the end goal of homeownership.

“With FSS, they will help you save your money to put towards your home or whatever bill you owe for your credit. You can pay some of your bills off or purchase your home. And if you don’t have any money, they help you get a job,” said Reaves, who said her FSS coordinators encouraged her throughout the process. “They made sure I got through the program. They made sure I was ready and had all the skills to purchase a home—a stable income and everything.”

The FSS Program is a five- to seven-year program designed to assist DCHA customers achieve economic self-sufficiency. Each participant is assigned to an FSS coordinator who meets regularly with them to help work toward their goals. The intermediary goals are based on three program tracks DCHA offers in addition to a general needs assessment. DCHA offers the following pathways to success: Education, Employment, and Homeownership.

To assist participants with reaching their goals, each customer is assigned a FSS coordinator who guides them through the program, including referring them to employment and other services, credit counseling, and home ownership preparation.

Participants are eligible for Incentive Investments based on enrollment or completion of one of the pathways to success. Individuals on the homeownership path can receive up to $10,000 toward their mortgage. For those in the education pathway, participants can receive up to $2,000 a year towards tuition.

Participants receive $600 for every 12 consecutive months of employment and an income exclusion in the employment pathway.

For more information call (202) 535-1000 or login at www.dchousing.org.


Last Modified: 11/04/2020 6:33 pm