DCHA’s Updated Product Standards Guide Supports the Local Economy and Residents

The District of Columbia Housing Authority and the Small Local Business Supplier Association (SLBSA) updated and revised the agency’s Product Standards Guide to continue to support local businesses, grow the District’s economy, and foster job opportunities for DCHA’s customers and the greater community.

“Creating and preserving affordable, sustainable housing for the families we serve is part of the mission of this agency. By offering sustainable materials and energy efficient appliances and systems, DCHA will conserve energy and capital resources that can be directed to create more affordable housing in the District of Columbia for generations to come,” said DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett. “Supporting the District’s Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) and encouraging our partners to work with and purchase from these local sources enhances another aspect of DCHA’s mission—to cultivate opportunities for our customers to improve their lives.”

This guide is intended for use by architects, engineers, contractors, and vendors who work with DCHA to provide them with guidance for commonly used DCHA products, appliances, materials, and equipment. It also suggests local sources for these products, allowing local Certified Business Enterprise, including vendors and suppliers, to raise their profile and obtain business opportunities with DCHA and its vendors, consultants, and contractors, who may also be certified with D.C.

The DCHA Product Standards Guide streamlines the efficiencies of the specification and procurement process while presenting opportunities for CBEs. These products help facilitate the on-time delivery of cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious facilities while supporting the local business community.

“The CBE Program was created to foster growth and enhance opportunity for local businesses,” said SLBSA President Kristen Nande. “CBE contractors have benefitted with long-term growth and a demand for increased labor thus paving pathways to the middle class for many D.C. residents. The DCHA Product Standards Guide will encourage the same consideration and growth for local building material suppliers and vendors.”

This Product Standards Guide is available on the DCHA website (www.DCHousing.org) under Businesses and will have periodic updates to ensure that it remains current. SLBSA also will continuously look to source locally supplied materials for the most commonly used DCHA products, helping to create a sustainable path of growth and expansion for the District’s local business economy. Through the publishing of this guide, DCHA strives to elevate the level of excellence, sustainability, and efficiency in its capital modernization and maintenance operations and increase the viability of DCHA’s portfolio.

DCHA is committed to excellence, to providing safe and healthy homes, and to providing opportunities for the low-income residents of the District of Columbia.



Last Modified: 02/10/2021 4:07 pm