Virtual Vendor Expo Meeting and Slides

Several dozen local contractors and business people attended the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s Virtual Vendor Expo on April 8 to learn how to do business with the agency.

The agency is working to attract new contractors and vendors who desire to do business with DCHA.

“This expo is important to not only DCHA, but it is important to the community as a whole,” said DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett. “DCHA has a mission to not only provide safe, decent, and affordable housing, but also to make sure there are opportunities for members of the community–our residents, local contractors, and business owners–to flourish. At the end of the day, it is you who we are actually trying to serve.”

Garrett highlighted the $90 million from the District of Columbia within the agency’s Transformation Plan that was contracted out last year throughout the community through local contractors and businesses.

“D.C. Housing Authority has become a much more transparent organization and has made many more opportunities for local businesses,” said DCHA Board Chairman Neil Albert, who noted the board’s action to ensure contracts where being awarded to local and minority- or women-owned businesses. “DCHA spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year in procurement and we want to make sure you get a slice of that pie.”

Attendees learned about upcoming work in areas such as Service Contracts and Emergency Work Opportunities, Redevelopment and Construction, Section 3, Catering, Printing, Marketing, and more. In the virtual meeting, attendees connected with DCHA staff and other contractors, received technical procurement advice, and had their questions answered.

DCHA affirms its commitment to Section 3 by ensuring that all contractors and any tier subcontractors that are awarded contracts partially or wholly funded by DCHA for work generated through HUD funding take all necessary and reasonable steps to provide meaningful, full-time, permanent employment and training to Section 3 residents who are DCHA customers and their neighbors.

Attendees also met DCHA resident business owners.

Shonte High, who owns High Alert Emergency Preparedness, presented on her company’s ability to educate the public on impending technological and natural disasters.

Morning Cleaning “brings a fresh approach” to the commercial cleaning industry by “offering exceptional quality and a great value for service,” said owner Shannon Morning. Her staff is highly trained and hired based on their integrity and experience, she said.

Crystal Nelson, owner of Sweet Tooth Edibles, began baking with her mother as a child and has grown her business thus far by word of mouth.

“If you have a sweet tooth, I’m here to bake for you. I’m the type of person who bakes the cake your grandma used to make. If you want German chocolate I have that for you,” Nelson said. “I know I have that talent. I have that taste and when you get that sweet tooth, you will call me for that. They are homemade with love.”

The last resident entrepreneur was Vanessa Gooch of Nessa Fabulous, a decorating consulting service.

All businesses must be registered in our procurement database to work with us, which is accessible from our website at Click on Businesses and then Become a Vendor to register.

Download the slides for the presentations by clicking here.

The presentation is part of the recording below.


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