We Are DCHA Podcast Launches

Get the latest news and information about the District of Columbia Housing Authority from its new podcast, We Are DCHA.

In We Are DCHA’s inaugural episode hear directly from CEO and Executive Director Tyrone Garrett and DCHA’s Chief of Planning, Design, and Construction Alex Morris on why and how the agency created the 20-year Transformation Plan to address repairs, maintenance, and capital improvements for the city’s affordable housing stock.

“The idea was that we hear what the residents are saying. What are we going to do about it,” said Garrett, referring to the many community meetings he held when he first joined the agency over three years ago. “We needed to have a plan to sincerely deal with it.”

DCHA’s Transformation Plan is a roadmap outlines rehabilitation and redevelopment plans for the agency’s communities. This fluid document allows for changes and modifications as the agency moves forward with the work to improve each site so that each project best benefits the residents DCHA serves.

The plan also explained the agency’s need to federal and local leadership and served as a business plan to attract the necessary investment to improve the housing stock. The plan helped to secure substantive capital investment  from the District, which allowed DCHA to do long-term planning, said Morris, who gave some detail on how 28 DCHA properties are now in some phase of the extended development process.

“We are restructuring the portfolio and restructuring the agency,” Garrett said.

A key component to the Transformation Plan is transparency and engagement with residents, local and federal leaders, and the advocate community, according to Garrett and Morris.

To hear more about the Transformation Plan and listen to the discussion, click here.

You can always read more about the plan, including property specific updates on our dedicated website at www.dcha.us. Have questions, comments or feedback? If you have comments, questions, or feedback email us at transformationplan@dchousing.org. You may also call (202) 996-8526.

This is the first of many conversations DCHA will host on We Are DCHA.


Last Modified: 12/10/2020 6:54 pm